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People want your testimony, but they don’t want your test! Sometimes crisis hits your life like a wrecking ball destroying everything in its path. We can’t avoid tragedies, but we can flip the script. We can become the wrecking ball that shatters every barrier. What is holding you back? Is it fear, anxiety, sickness, opposition? Life is a battle, and these pages provide you with battle-tested principles allowing you to excel in the fight against adversity. Get your copy today!


“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” This quote by Henry David Thoreau embodies Paula Olivier’s journey. On numerous occasions she’s had to stand up to formidable challenges and overcome them, even at a young age. She has put pen to paper to share with readers the valuable lessons she learned along the way. Her work has been called insightful, motivational, and great content. As a certified John Maxwell Team speaker, trainer and coach, Dr. Olivier uses her training to help others discover meaning from adversity, neutralize doubts and to pursue their goals. If you find this material helpful and want to explore further the strategies in this book, email or connect with her on

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